Malacca Johore Diocese /  minister /  02 March 2018
The Church, realizing "that she is truly and intimately linked with mankind and its history", wishes by means of this initiative, proposed by the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council,  to draw the attention of her children and of all men of good will to the vast and complex phenomenon of the modem means of social communication, such as the press, motion pictures, radio and television, which form  one of the most characteristic notes of modern civilization.The Church too, wishes to make her own contribution to the orderly development of the world of social communications: a contribution of inspiration, encouragement, exhortation, guidance and cooperation.We exhort our sons and daughters to undertake generous action, in prayerful unity of intent with their Pastors and with all who are willing to give their welcome cooperation, in order that, with God's help and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, they might attain those results that the celebration of World Communications Day aims at achieving for the good of mankind. We pray from our heart for abundant divine blessings on all who are listening to us, and on all who employ in this field their technical skill, their intellectual inspirations and their spiritual yearnings.And this year's (2016) theme is - COMMUNICATION AND MERCY; A FRUITFUL ENCOUNTER.- by Pope Francis.