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  • No More Turning The Other Cheek Says Anglican Archbishop
    The insanity that we are facing has become so systemic that even the judiciary has seen it fit to abandon sound principles of jurisprudence and taken an unprecedented extra-judicial position that the use of the word ‘Allah’ to refer to God is not an integral part of the faith and practice of Christianity. This is an uncalled for, unnecessary and a gross insensitive provocation.
  • Why I am STILL a Catholic-Christian
    This short article is not an apologetic in the traditional sense of the term. Traditionally, an apologetic tries to prove that the religion one believes in is the best and any study of other religions is to show how these beliefs are inferior to one’s religion. Any comparison is targeted at this end. In a certain sense, my article is an apologetic in that it is what I believe is the best for ME. It does not negate the goodness in other religions; nor does it attempt to say that all religions have the same value; or deny the weaknesses in other religions or mine, as far as I am concerned. If any comparison is made, it aims at revealing the reasons why I chose and still choose to be a Catholic-Christian, without denigrating others in their beliefs. They have their reasons to believe in what they believe. It is their prerogative.
  • Sabah bishop decries silence over conversion
    Sabah bishop decries silence over conversion A bishop has condemned Sabah’s Christian political leaders for their silence over the conversion of Christian villagers to Islam through deception.

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  • Adenan's 'Allah' reminder for Putrajaya
    Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem's assurance that he would not allow 'others' to interfere in the use of the word 'Allah' by Christians in Sarawak as the state has no such law is actually aimed at federal leaders.
  • Iban Christians urge reconciliation over 'Allah'
    In what is described as a historic gathering in Sri Aman this weekend, Iban Christians urge reconciliation with Putrajaya over the 'Allah' crisis.
  • Pope's Reflection on Mercy as He Meets With Priests of Rome
    After the greeting of the Cardinal Vicar, Agostino Vallini, the Pope gave the following address.
  • Getting along in the name of God
    IN A haunting song that can moisten eyes in either country, the Greek singer George Dalaras describes a Christian compatriot and a Turkish Muslim sitting near the Bosporus, toasting friendship and vowing not to let religion divide two down-trodden sons of toil. He imagines the Turk crooning: "You have Christ, I have Allah, but we both say "ach" and "ah..."
  • Youths on a Mission
    Youths on a Mission From the 6th-19th Jan 2013, five post-SPM youths – Stevie Tobi, Carlos Pereira, Aaron Pereira, Gerard Theseira and Christy Vignesh – attended the Mission camp for Teens, a two-week programme that builds them up in the knowledge of the faith, leadership and a sense of mission. Through the two weeks, the participants studied their faith through the Youcat and were given exposures in Cameron Highlands and Subang Jaya. Every day, the participants rose early and began with Bible reflections followed by Mass whenever it was available. The days ended with recollection to name their high moments, low moments and God moments. They also practiced using the prayer journal and recorded Bible verses that struck them as well as their prayer intentions.

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  • Bishop says Allah debate is liberating
    Catholic prelate says if partisans avoid confrontation, the discourse will loosen bondage to unflinching and irrational stone-age superstitions.
  • Bishop tells Christians: No triumph without tribulation
    Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing urged Christians intending to carry out their Sunday worship obligations this weekend to "prayerfully use this fraught moment to make themselves true channels of peace."
  • Jais behaving like Gestapo, says bishop
    Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing described yesterday's raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) by officers from the Selangor Islamic Department (Jais) as "yet another chapter in the growing catalogue of infringements by the authorities on the freedom of Christians to practice their religion as enshrined by the federal constitution."
  • Bishop deplores ‘rising McCarthyism’
    Catholic prelate says a rising tide of manufactured suspicion against imaginary enemies is poisoning discourse in society.
  • Bishop: Put syariah to a referendum among Muslims
    Catholic Bishop Dr Paul Tan Chee Ing said that perhaps the time has arrived to put syariah law to a referendum among Muslims in Malaysia.

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